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20 South Mason St.

The Gateway of Downtown Harrisonburg


Designer Loft Apartments

Suite 301 & 302 & 303

Downtown Harrisonburg has much to offer - easy access to the outdoors, arcades, bars, dance clubs, restaurants of all kinds, and plenty of employers. These 3 one bedroom apartments are perfect for anyone looking for a nice spot in the heart of everything that Harrisonburg has to offer.

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Glo Fiber - Internet of You

Suite 100 & 200

This two-story, 3,600sqft space is home to the new and exciting fiber internet provider, Glo Fiber. Glo Fiber is the first company bringing ultra-fast fiber internet to the Shenandoah Valley. We are excited to be part of the fiber revolution.


The Friendly Fermenter

Suite B10

The Basement of 20 South Mason is home to Harrisonburg's only home brew supply shop and nano-brewery. Their small batch production allows them to maintain a very diverse selection while keeping their beer as fresh as possible. The speak easy feel and good beer keep locals coming back time and time again.